Two handy TYPO3 extensions

Here are 2 nice extensions I found during my internship at Redkiwi

TCA manipulation via PageTS ( tcamanipulate )

Enables you to overwrite / change the TCA settings by adding Typoscript to the page TSconfig.

  • You can use it for changing the max upload size for an upload field.
  • Changing field names.
  • Set another maximum for a selection field.


## Allow to select bigger images with news categories
TCA.tt_news_cat.columns.image.config.max_size = 300

Imagecrop for tt_content (nwt_imagecrop )

This extension provides an extra checkbox in the tt_content image element to define whether the width and hight are maximum values (standard) or are the exact values for the image rendering.

When the image is bigger the the width and hight you have set it will auto crop it.