Running PuTTy in ConEmu with plink

When you are using ConEmu it’s possible to run multiple Windows consoles in a single window. When you are using PuTTy to ssh to your server, it would be nice to also have it as a tab in ConEmu.

To do that you will need Plink. This is a command-line interface to the PuTTY back ends. With Plink you can connect to the saved sessions from PuTTy, so you don’t have to specify your connection twice.

  1. Download plink.exe from the PuTTy website.
  2. Open the ConEmu settings and go to the Tasks window. Click on the + below the “Reload…” button.
  3. Fill in a name for this task.
  4. Fill in “/single” at the task parameters.
  5. Now first add the path to the plink.exe you have download.
    D:\Documents\plink.exe -load “Vagrant” -new_console”
  6. Between the quotes add the name of the session you have saved at PuTTy. In my case “Vagrant”.
  7. Save the settings.

View the screenshot below for the settings.